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November 15th 2013


From the past few years, I have come across a lot of people who shared with me why they aren't dancing. I found it compelling today to write about this topic because there is nothing in the world really that can stop you from dancing.

1. Fear of judgement - There are many folks who fear the judgement of people around them like, what will my friends think? What will my relatives think? What will my in-laws think? If you are one of them, please let go of the fears and start doing what you like. Seeing you happy, may be the same people who judged you earlier, might start jumping with you on the dance floor. We cannot control others thoughts/opinions, but we do have control on choosing that thing which makes us most happy. It's purely our choice.

2. I'm too heavy - overweight. I had been to a party where this woman came to me and said, 'I enjoyed dancing with you today, normally I don't dance in parties because my spouse says I'm too plump to dance in front of others and I get conscious about this'. When we dance, it really lifts our spirits up. Dancing isn't just moving the body, but it comes from the deeper part of the soul. So, however you may look outside, it doesn't matter. Let your spirit shine and express itself in the most beautiful way.

3. My moves are awful. - This is very common. Even if we escape criticism from outside, there is a self-critic sitting in our head who goes on chattering how bad our moves are. Again, there is nothing in the world that you cannot learn, if you really put the focus on. Go, take few basic dance lessons or watch all the YouTube videos that takes you through one step at a time. We have to just shift the focus from 'I don't get it' to 'I can do it'.

4. I love dancing, but I have no time. - We all are loaded with handful of things to do, even before a week starts. Often, we are used to juggling tasks and multi-task many times. I was reading a book about time management. It says that, it is not really true that there is 'NO TIME'. It's just that you have a different priority and you have given your TIME for that task'. It depends on how much important it is for you to dance. If it is a priority in your day-to-day life, you'll MAKE time for dancing.

Nothing can stop you from dancing. Let's not give in to judgement or fear and cage ourselves.

Have you heard the saying 'Sky is the limits'? So, what are you waiting for?? Get your wings on and soar up high!!!